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Data collection and structure determination in macromolecular crystallography

AU Summer School in crystallography

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  • Diffraction theory, data collection and data processing
  • Anomalous scattering, collection of anomalous data, phasing with anomalous data
  • Neutron crystallography
  • Molecular replacement
  • Structural biology in fragment-based drug discovery and development of protein therapeutics
  • Map interpretation and ligand identification
  • Refinement of macromolecular structures

Teaching and learning methods:

  • Lectures by international experts (see box)
  • Daily computer exercises in groups of two persons providing hands-on experience with the topic of the day.
  • An excursion with hands-on data collection at Petra III is included.

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4 ECTS points


August 28 - September 2, 2017


Aarhus University, Denmark and Petra III at DESY, Germany (Transport is included) 


Application deadline: Application deadline: 29th of June 2017. Applicants will be notified of the outcome by 10th of July.
Application form (Closed)
The number of participants is limited to 20.

The course is open to PhD students and postdocs from the ØKS region. Applicants can come from academic institutions and private companies and should have a scientific focus on structural biology, a basic prior knowledge of crystallographic data collection, and be able to process data from a well diffracting single protein crystal.
An introduction to standard data processing can be arranged at Aarhus University prior to the course for participants lacking these qualifications. 

No registration fee for students enrolled at one of the  partners of the MAX4ESSFUN project:
Aarhus University (DK), Chalmers University of Technology (SE), Lund University (SE), Malmö University (SE), Technical University of Denmark (DK), University of Copenhagen (DK), University of Gothenburg (SE) or University of Oslo (NO)
Costs for accommodation and meals are covered by MAX4ESSFUN.

For further information contact Professor Gregers Rom Andersen, email