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Salary and time

Please contact your local Steering Committee member to hear if there is budget for additional funding within the MAX4ESSFUN programme. 

For each approved six-month project the young researcher is expected to work full time for 6 months.
During the project the supervisor is expected to allocate 1/3 of his or her time throughout the project equivalent to 2 months in total.
The co-supervisor is expected to allocate 1/6 of his or her time throughout the project equivalent to 1 month in total.

At the universities 50% co-financing of the PhD or postdoc salary costs and 75% co-financing of the salary costs for the supervisor and the co-supervisor is required.
At MAX IV and ESS 50% co-financing of all salary costs is required. 

Co-financing approval

A co-financing approval must be signed by a legally competent signatory from each organization. There is one co-financing approval for the primary supervisor and one for the co-supervisor. A signed co-financing approval is needed from each organization. The signatures do not need to be on the same paper.
Print, sign, scan and send. 

Project supervisor versus official supervisor

If the project supervisor is different from the official supervisor of the young researcher, a signed approval is needed from the official supervisor.
In case the affiliation of the supervisor is different from the affiliation of the young researcher a signed approval should also be obtained from the official signatory of each institution.

Travel costs

Travel costs are covered by the project. Apart from the salary costs described above and cost for travelling no other costs are accepted in the project.
Contact the local MAX4ESSFUN member to be informed about your travel budget. 

Separate rules

Please be aware that the co-financing cannot be EU funded.