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Evaluation of project proposals

  • Proposals will be evaluated by the Steering Committee, according to the main goals and the criteria. The evaluations will be sequential when the Steering Commitee meets
  • The evaluation also takes the three Interreg horizontal criteria into account: sustainable development, equal opportunities and non-discrimination and gender equality.

MAX4ESSFUN aims to increase the overall potential of scientific research at the facilities; ESS and MAX IV by building on the complementary strengths of different institutions in the region, and by educating young researchers.


Focusing on the main goals and objectives of the sub-project, researchers from partner organisations are encouraged to apply for research project financing within the MAX4ESSFUN. Proposed projects must comply with the following criteria:

  • Projects must be related to the use of synchrotron light and/or neutrons, and generally, be based on experiments either directly or indirectly. Projects can also be at an early stage but are expected to result in an application for beam time at a synchrotron or a neutron source within the project period. Moreover, such early-stage project applications should, when applicable, preferably include complementary experiments on relevant laboratory equipment, e.g. SAXS, X-ray tomography or spectroscopy. Such data is often useful to include in an application to a large-scale facility for a demonstration of feasibility.
  • Projects should aim at educating young researchers (PhD students or postdocs) in the use of neutrons and synchrotron light and involve both a supervisor and a co-supervisor.
  • Projects are of six months duration and must be cross-border, meaning that supervisor and co-supervisor must either be from different countries or that either supervisor or co-supervisor is from MAX IV or ESS.
  • The involved partners' respective organisations must, therefore, guarantee co-financingDownload => Find signatory => Upload in the form below.
  • The project must be started within 3 months after the approval, but no later than 1 February 2018
  • Deadline 14 days before a Steering Committee meeting.